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Video Tips on Social Work Programs

Curated videos outlining current issues related to social work programs or having a degree in social work, including how long does it take to become a social worker, etc:

Good Backpacks for High School Videos

Roundup videos on good backpacks for high school, along with the best backpack for college or the best backpack for high school, rolling school backpacks and so on:

Buy Instagram Likes at a Vending Machine?

Curated video about the social media advertising trend on where to buy Instagram likes or buy Instagram views, including automatic Instagram views:

Is PokerStars the Best Online Poker Room?

Reference article on casino bonus codes such as the Slot Madness Casino Bonuses available from their casino online:

By James Fillinger

The world has extremely many online poker rooms, and depending on where you live, you can play at most of them. Some are for US citizens only, others are not allowed for American customers. E.g. Full Tilt Poker is not allowed in every country in Europe, unless you pay some sort of tax, assuming that you want the money you win withdrawn from the poker room.

Americans can't play at any poker rooms they want neither. Some years ago PartyPoker lost a lot of customers, due to a law in the US that forbid americans to play gambling related games at foreign suppliers, such as PKR, PartyPoker and LuckyAcePoker.

One poker room though, is available to all, and legal for all to withdraw money from, and it is PokerStars. PokerStars is by far the most crowded online poker room, and that's definitely not a disadvantage for neither the players nor the poker room itself. There is at any time a free chair at a table with any player's favorite game, and at any different stake that the player wants to play.

What about the number of different games? Well, when a specified type of game is becoming popular at one poker room, it is likely to move across all poker rooms, so today most poker games are available at any of the online poker rooms. The most common poker games today is Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo (8 or better), Stud, Razz, Five-card draw, Deuce to Seven (Triple Draw or Single Draw) and Badugi. Also the mix-type games such as HORSE, HOSE, Mixed Hold'em and Mixed Omaha Hi/Lo are all offered at PokerStars and all the other poker rooms as well.

Also, online poker rooms need to do marketing to attract new players. The way they do in the online poker business, is to sign a sponsorship with professional poker players and by that binding them to play at the poker room. That's why you see people playing poker on television, that wears caps, t-shirts or other clothing. Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Chris Ferguson is sponsored by Full Tilt Poker and they are all bound to play online at Full Tilt Poker as well as doing other marketing stunts. At PokerStars they have Daniel Negreanu, Chris Moneymaker and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom to attract customers, but they also are the headline sponsor at the event EPT (European Poker Tour).

When you want to play poker, you can always find yourself a comfortable seat at PokerStars. It is the most popular poker room, and whether your are a pro or a newbie there is a table that fits you. If you don't want to play with real money, you can just choose to play using fun money or playmoney and with them practice until you feel safe about playing at the real money tables.

If you have a friend that already plays at PokerStars, and you don't have any money on your own account, you can just ask him or her to borrow you some. PokerStars has a feature that allows players to transfer money between each other, and that can be used if you are running low on your own poker account. Just remember that if you want to maintain your friendship, it's recommended to pay back the money you borrow, and you can of course use the same money transfer system to transfer back the money.

If you want a little money boost, you can choose to write a PokerStars Bonus Code when you sign up. If you do this, you can get up to $600 extra on your first deposit - it's a 100% bonus, so PokerStars gives you the same amount as you deposit, so go find a PokerStars Bonus Code, and get extra money, and then play poker to win the millions.

Find yourself the best PokerStars Bonus Code and other poker bonuses, at and go make those millions that everyone i talking about!

Is Sprayable Sleep the Answer?

Popular interest is increasing over products like sprayble melatonin, and where to buy sprayable sleep products in the market, as curated in this Atlantic article segment:  

...Can’t I just take a melatonin supplement if I can’t get to sleep?

Melatonin is one of the very few hormones that you can purchase in the United States without a prescription. It is considered a dietary supplement and therefore held to essentially no premarket standards of quality, safety, or efficacy. The pharmacist can’t give me the eye drops that help control my glaucoma without a prescription. The pharmacist can’t give insulin to a diabetic person without the recurring order of a doctor, to which not all people have easy access. But melatonin, which tinkers with the work of the most crucial part of your brain? It’s over there in Aisle 5. Buy as much as you like. It’s next to the caffeine pills.

In 2015, Ben Yu, who’d dropped out of Harvard to form a biotech start-up, launched a product called Sprayable Sleep, which contains melatonin. Spray it onto your skin, and it’s supposed to put you to sleep. (Sprayable Sleep is the company’s second product. Its first was the perfect complement: Sprayable Energy, or topical caffeine.)

When I spoke with Yu, he referred to melatonin not as a hormone but as a “biological signaling molecule.” I asked him whether he did this because customers might be averse to spraying themselves with a hormone. “I thought that might be a loaded word,” he agreed, “but it turns out, people don’t seem to care.”

In a sleep-deprived culture, the promise of sleep can lead people to abandon caution. In its initial crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, Sprayable Sleep raised $409,798. (That’s 2,106 percent of what the company set out to raise, collected from nearly 5,000 people.)

Unlike melatonin pills, which are absorbed into and eliminated from the blood before the night is over, Sprayable Sleep is supposed to keep you asleep through the night, as the hormone gradually percolates through your skin and into your bloodstream. I tried it for a couple of weeks, and I did sleep, but it was tough to tell what effect the product was having: I sleep most nights. That said, I can confirm that it didn’t burn my skin. Also, that people don’t like it when you pretend you are going to spray it on them.

Melatonin supplements have been shown to make some people fall asleep more quickly, but they aren’t proven to increase the total time or quality of sleep. And of course, as with most things sold as supplements in the United States, the effects of long-term use are unknown...

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Augustus and Libertarian Beliefs

From a news release, explaining a controversy about the libertarian beliefs of Augustus Invictus, who has appeared at numerous venues, including the Queens Libertarians. The application of libertarian philosophy expressed by the Libertarian Party or Invictus may or may not universally represent what is a libertarian position on the topic for all adherents.

Former Libertarian Party U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus is accusing his national party chairman of collaborating with communists and vowing to challenge him at the party’s national conference in Pennsylvania in April.

Invictus, an Orlando lawyer, was a candidate who made the party nervous from his announced candidacy until he was defeated in a primary in August. A self-avowed nationalist, he’s openly admitted to pagan rituals such as drinking goats blood, to multiple LSD uses, and to homicidal fantasies, and has advocated ideas that many critics characterized as neo-Nazi and anarchist.

But he’s not going away.

In an open letter he sent to Nicholas J. Sarwark, national chair of the Libertarian Party and posted on his website on Wednesday, Invictus claims that Sarwick had made supportive comments toward anti-fascist groups that Invictus contends are actually communist groups.

Several times in the letter Invictus said he would challenge Sarwark in some unspecified way and made references to the “upcoming fight.” He ended the letter by declaring, “I will see you at the Pennsylvania Convention next month.”

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An Introduction to Recording Studio Design

By Technical Advice

An Introduction to Recording Studio Design When you think about Recording Studios, the first thing that comes to mind is a state-of-the-art, private, recording studio featuring some of the best gear, ranging from the vintage classics to the latest technology, set in a friendly and creative environment.

There are loads of different types of recording studios, all designed for specific purposes. Speech and drama studios are optimized in terms of acoustics and equipment for speech recording. The acoustics of a recording studio or listening room are arguably more important than almost anything else!

The room dimensions are specifically calculated for acoustics, which makes it a bit like the chicken and the egg, you find out which dimensions work before you say how big the recording studio is going to be. The Highest Industry Ratio for a Successful Facilities include: - acoustics, recording studio, design, acoustics, installations, recording, studio, construction, acoustics, contractors, contracting, construction management, acoustical, design, installation, wiring, and even the air conditioning. Technical Advice is a professional and reliable service offering interior design, custom designs, and acoustics.

Technical Advice offers professional custom design and consulting in architecture, acoustics and sound proofing, interior design, and custom designed furnishings. This involves two different aspects of sound, sound proofing and acoustics. The cost of low-end professional-quality equipment has dropped, so the output-quality distinctions between studios are less clear-cut nowadays. A lot of high-performance economical equipment is available now to enable the creation of release-quality material in home studios. Radio studios have to deal with a broad range of material. Small studios tend to be used for voice material such as interviews and drama; slightly larger ones can also deal with small-scale music recording.

Speech and drama studios are optimized in terms of acoustics and equipment for speech recording. There were once two main categories of pre-production studio - MIDI based and 'track-laying' studios, though they now are merging into an indistinguishable whole. Sampling-oriented studios are now common place, in fact almost all chart-oriented work includes some sampling. All of these studios can be constructed on a small or large scale, depending on the intended market and budget. For example, many studios are located for easy access by local clients - local meaning, for example, the same city. Some studios are located in the country for a quieter working ambience, or higher pretentiousness factor.

Many larger commercial facilities have several separate studios within them rather like a cinema complex, offering sometimes-overlapping spaces for different types of work. Studios normally require twenty-four hour access for arriving and departing clients. Planning or development permissions Studios usually require local planning/zoning permission, and specific permissions may be granted only on various conditions. Cutting studios specifically deal with transfer of material from tape source to master discs, with appropriate 'final tuning' for best results.

The expertise of the mastering engineers in getting the best possible result in the final processing is just as relevant to making a CD, so now they cut CD pressing masters instead!

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